Harley-Davidson of Utica recognizes its part as a member of the local community.  In support of the community, we will review and give fair consideration to all requests for donations, sponsorships, and motorcycle raffles from local community organizations and charities.  Approval of community-based requests will be granted based on budgetary allotments and working relationships with the organization, with an emphasis on our immediate local community.


We support a limited number of causes.  In general, we will only provide support to requests that meet one or more of the following criteria:

1. Organizations that exist as a bona fide not-for-profit 501c(3) corporation domiciled in the State of New York.

2. Organizations whose mission is to help children who are economically disadvantaged, physically challenged or suffering from a life threatening or debilitating illness.

3. Organizations whose mission is to help the elderly or those in end-of-life situations.

4. Organizations whose mission is to provide shelter and other basic needs for the homeless, the hungry or otherwise severely economically disadvantaged.

5. Organizations who are seeking support of a single event whose purpose is to raise funds for:

i. Character development or community involvement of local youth.

ii. Educational scholarships for local students.

iii. Medical research for conditions that cause premature death or disability such as heart disease, cancer, premature birth, lung disease and the muscular dystrophies.

6. Events that are of a motorcycle nature such as a bike rally, a benefit ride or a motorcycle raffle where the bike was purchased from Harley-Davidson of Utica.

7. Events that are fundraisers organized by motorcycle organizations such as the Harley Owners Group and whose funds will be used to benefit the local community.



In general, we do not support:

  • Golf tournaments, unless they are raising funds for one of the above causes.
  • Police Benevolent Associations, although we may support youth activities they fund.
  • Events that seek to raise funds to offset medical expenses of a single individual or the family of a single individual.
  • Events that seek to raise funds for the general benefit of a religious organization, although we may support a community program that is managed by an organization that is religious in nature.
  • Advertisements in program booklets, yearbooks, etc.


To request support from Harley-Davidson of Utica we ask that you follow these procedures:

  1. All requests must be submitted on our Community Support Request Form.  It is recommended that the organization submit supporting documents, along with this form.  We wish to know about the requesting organization, its history and mission, event details, and how community support from Harley-Davidson of Utica will be utilized.

2. Submit the request form to us by mail or in person.  Please be sure to give ample time for review of your request, if submitting after December 31, a minimum of 30 days for review and action on your request is required.

3. We request that the receiving organization promptly acknowledge our gift in a written letter, addressed to our General Manager, Steve Coupe.


Please note that any merchandise donation is considered a donation and cannot be returned or exchanged for other items.

Community Support Request Form
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