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Liz's Leather

The Leather Lady!

Once or twice in your life, you are bound to stumble upon a great idea. Several years back we did just that when we had the idea of inviting Liz Skinner to one of our events.

Liz, you see, is a leather seamstress. We figured it would be great for people who wanted to buy patches or already had patches they wanted to have sewn on their vests and jackets. Liz’s first visit was a big hit. We invited her back, customers just loved the convenience and soon she became our own “leather seamstress in residence”.

But Liz Skinner is more than just someone who can sew on a patch or make a repair to your leather jacket. If you spend some time in conversation with her, you may find she has a wealth of knowledge. We’ve eavesdropped on her discussions of exactly how bees go about making honey and the play-by-play of Upstate New York geology, starting 350 million years ago. It's sort of like watching the Discovery Channel and having your jacket worked on all at the same time.

More importantly, Liz has a true heart of gold and spends much of her spare time helping others in need. She was instrumental in starting our involvement with the Rescue Mission and the organization of the “Riders to the Rescue” benefit ride which has grown each year since it began in 2002 and now raises thousands of dollars to support the Rescue Mission’s efforts in helping the homeless, the hungry and the addicted.

Liz generally joins us each Thursday from 4:00 – 8:00 pm and the second Saturday of each month from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm. But, if you are making a trip, please call ahead and speak to the folks in our H-D® Apparel Department just to be sure she isn’t on a different mission for the day.